QUADRUPLE THRE4T | Brighton Fringe, The Warren: Theatre Box

“A number of celebrity interviews demonstrate Henry Moss’ versatility still further, as he plays out each character himself... he utterly nails both the persona and intonations... simply magnificent, and frankly, it’s worth attending this show just for that." ★★★★★ - London Theatre1

Mr Henry Moss takes you into his world of deluded celebrity and he does it with charm and talent… he delivers every element with both skill and style. - The Latest


Henry Moss plays the fictitious egomaniac Krystal Lee - the notorious Aussie talent agent who claims to have launched the careers of Kylie, Danni, Nicole and Hugh. In this hilarious series about the cut throat entertainment industry, Moss also plays her husband, washed up musical theatre star, Harry Ledgerman who holds online acting master classes.